How do I export my Construct2 game to an apk less than 50 MB

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  • Hello, I am trying to convert my construct2 game to an apk and publish it on the google play store(limited to 50 MB). Tried using intel XDK building with crosswalk for android and the generated APKs were more than the limit of 50 MB so I cannot publish in the play store. Tried building it as pure android(no crosswalk) and it came without music(even through the music was in the Music folder of my project). Any ideas? I'm out of ideas

    Tried using phonegap, created a project, but when I tested on my phone it was without sound. It seems some plugins are necessary but I don't know how to put these damn plugins XP

    Also, I think CoccoonJS is no longer supported for Construct2 projects. I'm out of ideas.

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  • There is some old discussion about that. I haven't tested it but you might find it helpful

    Also in this discussion shinkan rised a suggestion

    Yeah, possibility to add extensions in C2 would be really nice.

    Google Play allows you to upload 50MB size APK and 2x2GB size extension files which should contain media files and all assets. This would be really nice to have sucha possibility, because at the moment we are kinda limited to 50MB where nearly half of that takes current Crosswalk (14) version.

    Ashley, is it possible to implement this in C2 or it's more like Intel XDK case? And if it is, can you tell us if you guys have it in plans for C2 or at least for C3?

  • so... this topic doesn't have a solution yet, just a proposal for a construct2 upgrade?

  • There is a workaround solution. Just go in and read.

  • Guys from Intel said they are working on extension files in XDK, but it was many months ago and still no results...

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