How do I export to cocoonjs (In beginner terms)

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  • So I know there are tutorials, but the tutorial for the Crosswalk exporting was far more complicated than it should have been. Like, I had to learn it myself, and the tutorial could of literally been made up of straight forward pictures and it would have been fine.

    The CocconJS looks incredibly difficult to walkthrough, so does someone know how to export with cocoonjs the most simplest way possible?

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  • 1.Make a project including the cocoonjs object.

    2.Export as cocoonjs project. U'll get a zip file.

    3.Make an cocoonjs account on the ludei website.

    4.Upload the zip file of step 2 to the cocoonjs website.

    5.Export as apk once the cocoonjs website is done converting the zip to apk.

    I suggest using Canvas+ as export method on the cocoonjs website.

    U can get it even easier on your phone/tablet by:

    1.Make a project including the cocoonjs object.

    2.Export as cocoonjs project. U'll get a zip file.

    3.Download the cocoonjs launcher on the playstore.

    4.Send the zip file of step 2 to your phone, via mail, cloud or with the usb cable.

    5.Open the cocoonjs launcher app and select the zip file of step 2, select canvas+ and play your game.

  • Exported as APK, got two apks. Signed/Debug - Release/Unsigned, the release wont install but the debug will... Any fixes?

  • The Signed/Debug is the one you can use to test it on your device. You cannot upload this one to the playstore.

    The Release/Unsigned is used for the playstore.

    But you have to sign it first, otherwise people could just download your apk, and upload them thereself, saying they made it.

    You can follow this awesome tutorial for that: ... h-cocoonjs

    You already did step 1 and 2, if you have 2 apk's, so start at step 3.

    make sure you use v.1.6.0_38 of the JAVA JDK, you can download this in their download archive, but you'll need to register(free) first.

    And make sure you write down your keystore password somewhere, just incase you forget it.

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