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  • Hi guys,

    I had just tried to install my first game after building it with Intel XDK. But the installation failed for reason I do not know. Therefore, I will describe the steps I made to export and build the game. Please tell me what I've done wrong, thanks..!

    • Export the project from Construct 2 by using Cordova
    • Open the exported project with Intel XDK


    • At Build Settings, tick Optimize with Crosswalk
    • Fill in App ID, App Name, App Description, Author, App Version
    • White list, as default, selected Cordova Whitelist, leave Network Request, Instent, Navigation blank
    • Inserted Developer Certificate
    • Untick Signed
    • Added launch icons and splash screen

    At TEST

    • Push files to server

    At BUILD

    • Select Android
    • Start build
    • Download the apk

    Tried to install the apk with my phone, but it failed..

    Tried again using Bluestacks, it shows "INSTALL_PARSE_FAILED_NO_CERTIFICATES"

    Help please...

  • I had found out the reason, to run a apk, I have to sign first, since I untick Signed in the first place, that why my apk can't function normally. Which lead me to another question,

    What's the difference between ticking the Signed at building settings and sign myself after building the project??

  • Ok, before i start I would like to say that it is best to have the newest version on XDK installed : version 3522 and newest stable version of C2 :version r233

    Try this:

    1) export from C2 with cordova. Do not check minify script

    2) select : use new XDK project format and hide status bar

    In intel XDK choose from bottom left : open intel xdk project. It will automatically import required plugins

    then under build settings fill required fields.

    Use Cordova CLI 6.2.0 and select Optimize with crosswalk

    Under Developer Certificate click "select new..." and fill the required fields

    Click "Signed"


    you can import existing keystore by clicking the person icon on the upper right corner and then under "android" choose : "import Existing Keystore"

    VERY IMPORTANT : do not lose this information and the certificate. STORE IT IN A SAFE PLACE , If you lose it, you will not be able to update your game od Google Play.

    In the end , under "build tab" select Android , click the lock icon and enter keystore password

    and then click Start Builds

    Now it should run fine on your android phone (When you install it, on your phone select :"trust installation from unknown sources" or something similar.

    hope this helps

    Best regards!


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  • To answer your question : there is no difference.

    If you click "signed" , intel XDK will sign it for you

    If you dont click "signed" , you will have to sign it yourself later

    Best regards!


  • Matija, thanks for replying! I tried your method, it works! But there is still something I'm not so sure about,

    I currently did not click the SIGNED and did not choose a developer certificate, after I build the project, i use apk-signer to sign and align my app. Based on what you said, if I click SIGNED and use a keystore in Intel XDK, does it mean I do not have to use apk-signer anymore?

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