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  • Hi everyone,

    Few weeks ago, Blackberry changed the way how to sign an application. Instead of using author.p12 and old csk file, now we have a token linked with the BlackberryID of the developer. In this situation, the step provided by Construct 2 when exporting to Blackberry 10 is no longer be suitable.

    Actually, we still can use the old method. The problem is, I changed to a new laptop but I can no longer get the key file via email by requesting from Blackberry site. The only file I can request now is the token.csk file.

    Do not know if there is anyone who has experience about this stuff.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi there, you should still be able to receive keys in the original manner. The BBID signature keys do not apply to our HTML5 (WebWorks) platform yet, and you should actually still be using the previous method there.

    On the code signing request form, there is a checkbox for WebWorks. Specifically:

    For BlackBerry PlayBook apps developed using BlackBerry WebWorks, BlackBerry NDK, or AIR - AND - For BlackBerry 10 apps developed using BlackBerry WebWorks, or the BlackBerry 10.2 Beta SDK or earlier.

    This can be found here:


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