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  • Hi Guys,

    Ive just recently started using Construct 2, Its an AMAZING tool to make and prototype game. I made a simple game using the autorunner template with mobile support within an hour. I ported it over to blackberry 10 using the r130 beta. However the picture is distorted on the Z10 and Q10, as well as the Q10 having bars on the top and bottom.

    Just wanting to ask:

    A. Is there anyway to cater resolutions to different devices, within one program. As I dont want to create two versions of same game and upload them to bbworld

    B. Why is the distortion, Is it because the pixels are 630 x something, rather than 1280 x 768 which the Z10 has.

    C. Also any additional fonts I used dont show up in the game, it just changes back to Arial.


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  • Why are you still using r130? We're on r137 now, with lots of important bug fixes. Updating might also fix your problem. Make sure any system updates available on the phone are installed as well.

    See supporting multiple screen sizes.

  • Thanks Ashley, I was only using the beta to get see if it was possible to make a game using Construct 2 for BB10. However does Construct 2 allow for ScoreLoop integration? I really want to buy Construct 2 now, however I just need to know if these features are included.

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