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  • Is it possible to export array data into a text file or something?

    I have a very large array that I would like to be able to reload every time the app is restarted as well as back up in case something changes or the project itself morphs into something else I still have the data the array collected over time. WebStorage doesn't seem like the appropriate solution...

    This is a very closed project, no internet, no online, no public distribution, it is a private one time use only.

  • You can get the array JSON structure with the *Array-Name*.AsJson

    and you can load an array using LOAD in the array's actions section ...

    Cheers and have fun debugging JSON codes ;) !

  • You can do this without using Webstorage? Where is the JSON written so I can look at it outside the app? I've been using Webstorage to save the array between sessions but I haven't been able to find where its stored...

    I am slightly confused now because I thought you had to use Webstorage or an AJAX/PHP call to write files and save stuff. If I can write a JSON file directly to a local file without WebStorage and access that file outside my app then I will at least have the array.AsJSON that I can work with. Its better than nothing!

    I just found the CSV plugin from rexrainbow... I think this will give me the tools I am looking for although I have not attempted to use it yet.

    Thanks for the reply!

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  • I can't find anything in the manual or tutorials on how or where the arrayName.Asjson is saved.

    Saving the array so I can access the data later is really the most important part...

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