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  • Hey folks.

    i am run into a problem that i cannot fix the last 2 days... I want to test the directCanvas export cause i need the performance for my game.

    If I am Export as directCanvas and compile it for android it causes a black screen error after the splash screen goes away. I dont know how to fix that.

    I use physics behavior only as sprite properties

    My configuration settings are:

    Fullscreen in Browser : Scale

    Use iOS retina Display: Yes

    Enable WebGL : On

    Sampling : Linear

    Loader style: Progress bar & Logo

    Clear background: No

    I am using normal Text (not text buttons) for making touch control possible..

    Hopefully some of you can help me.

    kind regards


  • DirectCanvas is not released or working for Android at the moment. DirectCanvas is, at this time, only for iOS devices.

  • ...and for iOS, r100 improves the support a fair bit, so it would be worth trying again when it's out.

  • ...and for iOS, r100 improves the support a fair bit, so it would be worth trying again when it's out.

    I can't wait to try it! <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Thanks for the reply.. Is there any other possibilitie to get a better Performance for my App. Whats with CocoonJS? I want to compile my Game with CocoonJS but the Compile Cloud is not working and the app is not a proper solution for me.

    My Game runs very smooth Windows 8 so wanna have this fluid experience on Android and iOS too. Any solutions for it. I already have checked the Performanceguide here scirra.com but the Performance, using the phone browser is absolutly worse. On my Phone it runs only with about 20 - 25 fps and it is good playable ( LG Optimus 2x) but on my Transformer Prime Tablet with ICS it runs with 1fps and i dont know why.

    Any solutions tips or hints?

    kind regard


  • Here AppMobi claims that directcanvas for android is now available on the new cloud build system.

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  • directCanvas is working on Android if you use it alone or with another game engine, but for Construct 2 export it is only iOS for now. I believe we are working to integrate Android DC but don't have a concrete date of delivery.

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