How do I export app for android ? (low size )

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  • hi (sorry for my english )

    i want to export a app/game for android . size of this app is 1.2 mb but after build with intel xdk (android crosswalk ) this app size change to 17 mb

    this is a simple body of my game i think if i build my full game it size be to more than 80 mb !!

    can i build with other way ? (in my app i dont need web or internet and ... )

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  • Hi!

    I guess you can't avoid that filesize with Intel XDK, because it wraps up your code with the Chromium browser. So that 17MB is your game + the browser.

    Even 80mb shouldn't be a problem with today's internet connections. And you can pack a complicated game into 80mb.

  • yes you right but i want to put this game in a site that support only app under 45 mb

    but this is not problem i can put my game demo i only want to know can i or no

    thank you

  • the app added size should always be the same (like, if it adds 13MB on a little game, it will always add 13 MB when the game become larger), due to the fact it ships with it an entire browser engine to read the game.

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