How do I export to APK? (The simplest way possible)

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  • I don't mind how long it takes to export, I just want the simplest way to do it. Some people say PhoneGap takes a while, although reading through Crosswalk and trying to download Crosswalk is incredibly confusing (Unless I am doing it really wrong)

    Anyway, what is the SIMPLEST way to export to APK? Also if anyone knows the simplest for IOS that would be great too!

    Thanks <3

  • Simplest doesn't exactly equal the best option. Follow any of the tutorials (or just read them) and you should get a good feel fro which is simplest. Simple is relative. Simple in terms of just getting to an APK, or getting one that works on Android or one that works with google play services, or acheivements, etc.. etc... Look at the manual and the tutorials and you can decide for yourself which is simplest.

    For Android you have CocoonJS, Intel Crosswalk and PhoneGap. For iOS you have Ejecta, Phonegap and CocoonJS. Take a look at each one and decide for yourself which would be simplest for you. On a side note, all the iOS options require that you also have a MAC with Xcode ready to go.

  • Simplest doesn't exactly ....

    Hi! I tried iOS Ejecta and it was straight forward. Then I went for Android Crosswalk and Intel XDK. It was sooo confusing.. in the end it asks if the system is based on Intel or ARM processor to generate the APK. Tried both that ended up in a blank screen.

    Isn't there any Java project like Ejecta to just replace the HTML5? I mean.. a native Java project using Android SDK (ADT)?


  • Hi! Please, just focus on the Crosswalk comment. I'm trying CocoonJS now. I will post it later my feeling on this.

  • henriquesv I believe I can help with your white screen problem on Crosswalk. This happened to me but luckily I figured it out. When you export with you construct 2 game, make sure to export to the www folder inside the actual folder. Tell me if this solves your problem

  • If you want native Java with no html5 you wont get it with construct. There are plenty of native java game development tools. You just have to learn to program in Java for them.

  • HZGaming, thanks! It is working now!

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  • Good to hear!

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