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  • so im a starter in construct 2, and my question is what is the best way to export the games to android OS?

    (you can assume i have the business licence)

    do you guys think making android games in construct 2 is worth it? do you post your android games in the playstore? cause that's kinda what im trying to achieve here...if so could you link me to some of them so i can take a peek?

    i heard somewhere that the android games made in construct 2 have low performance\ quality etc

    -as i said im just starting and i would like to know what you guys think, thanks.

  • Welcome starter!!!

    I am learning this construct 2 by creating sample games currently. I have exported it via cocoonJS and tested in my mobile and it runs fine. But I have not exported to google play yet. Soon will. Other than CocoonJS you have crosswalk for Android.

    As there are loads of users creating games for PC now here(I believe), the mobile developers here comparatively less. But I have tried playing games which has been developed by construct 2, it is good. Still people are creating loads of games using Construct 2.

    As I have ran through manuals and forums here, I guess the support here is good (if you ask properly and wait) and the tools itself is good comparing to other tools like this as far as tool efficiency, price and supports were concern.

    To be honest, when I am starting this construct 2 I have many questions but I create games coz like it. I am not pro in it but like creating game. So started learning here. I didn't know how to export it to android, I didn't know will it work properly. But I don't see many bugs regarding the exporting topic. I

    So what kinda a game you are looking to create. May be people can spot some help or examples based on that.

    One more thing: this is not exactly a HOW DO I question. You should post these kinda questions next time in the Construct 2 General forum.

  • well sorry for posting here, but since we are on topic: i want to make a simple game with basic moves, just as: jump, run, etc...

    while testing some export features, a made a flappy bird clone game (following a tut from Tom i think ) and i exported it to android using the crosswalk to android method and didnt work ... probably i made some mistake... i would like to know also if its possible to change the icon of the game using the crosswalk method

    do u know someone that made any android games here and uploaded them to the playstore? i would like to check it out ....if so post a link or something


  • Surely, if we [quote:1n0swwcv]can assume i have the business license

    then you would have fully researched C2, it's engine mechanics, export options and any possible pitfalls. If you haven't, the you really should.

    Also, asking others to search out examples for you is just lazy. Just look through the 'Construct Creations' section, and you will see many games that are already published.

  • well...i wouldnt really call it lazy cause ive hascked in some forums about construct 2 and before picking construct 2 i also looked into game maker studio, stencyl, gameslad.... but i cant really much about construct 2 on the web besides on youtube, here...and thats it, so i made an acc cause i couldnt find anything anywhere else... so when i asked to see android games its cause i couldnt find anything and i havent checked every inch of this website

    so if u can help: thanks, if not: however dont waste ur time posting


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  • A quick forum search found there is a topic posted about C2 Games on Google Play (Android Market), which might be a good place to start for examples.

    If you search the forum for CocoonJS and Crosswalk you should find some information about exporting for Android as they are the two main methods.

  • zenox98 is right you know.

    OddConfection did it for you

    The reason I replied you is because I had all the same doubts and confusions when I started like you. I even posted in other forums comparing construct, gamemaker, gamesalasd and stencyl everyone does, that's why I told you "the tools itself is good comparing to other tools like this as far as tool efficiency, price and supports were concern."

    Anyways check the above mentioned forum. You have lot to explore. Create games and if you have doubt check forums, manuals and tutorials and still have questions then post in these forums.

    So happy creating games!!!

  • OddConfection and thanks,

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