How do I export to Android? (Best way)

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  • So I want to make a game for android devices,

    testing I exported to HTML5 and uploaded to my personal hosting,

    then on my phone opened the site with google chrome and it worked very good (60 fps).

    Then I tried exporting as an app,

    I used cordova to export and Intel XDK to make the APK file.

    Installed it directly to my phone with the secure link sended to my email.

    And to my surprise the game runs at only ~20fps. (Galaxy S6)

    Is this normal? Because the game doesn't even have that much stuff going on,

    just a platformer behaviour, some spritefonts and some sprites with solid behaviour.

    What's the best way to export my game?

    Because if the demo runs that bad then the completed game will be even worse..

  • So I managed to raise the fps by deleting some texts using "Every tick" condition,

    and destroying sprites off-screen.

    Now it's working smooth, but still think it's weird because crosswalk is supposed to be the same as chrome,

    and it works better on chrome, but any way.. problem solved.

  • Try out CocoonJS

  • "Every tick" can easily be a killer, so you have to use it carefully. However another killer for mobiles is a Text object. Consider using SpriteFont instead of Text. There are several advantages, f.ex. SpriteFont is simply a Sprite, so it will be always rendered the same way on any device, Text can be drawn differently on various devices since it's being generated on the fly.

    ...but from the other side, it is true that Crosswalk performance is not that good as expected and it is indeed weird. People suggest to try to use various Crosswalk versions and check best performance for your game, but in my opinion it's not the best idea to do so. Crosswalk gets new versions not without the reason, each version has some new features/fixes, so IMO it's the best to use the newest one always.

  • Thanks for the replies,

    I have only spritefonts now (had 1 text object before),

    and no "Every tick" events at all.

    Game seems to work better now.

    What are the differences between CocoonJS and Crosswalk?

    I mean, are there any restrictions for some of them like not being able to use some objects?

  • What is the difference to use Intel XDK or cocoonjs?

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  • What is the difference to use Intel XDK or cocoonjs?

    CocoonJS has better performance via Canvas+ but Intel XDK has better compatibility with adding ads, IAP, and is basically smoother to work with. There's also Cocoon.IO, which is Ludei's new Compiling service and it's still in prototyping but C2 games can also be exported using that as well.

  • Thank You..It made my life easy..

  • Thank You

  • What about phonegap how is that?

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