How i do export with 3rd party plugin & behavior?

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  • Hello friends,

    i got the problem when i use C2 r136 with third party plugin and behavior,

    then i upload to website.

    Then i play it, i got only the black screen.

    After my observation the problem are third party plugin and behavior.

    Any idea for this?

    Thank you.



    *i use third party plugin and behavior from list third party plugin and behavior.

  • anyone help me please?

  • Which third party plugins did you use? Also what file format did you export your game as?

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  • Hello retrodude

    I use canvas and the export is done when i uncheck the minify

    btw, thanks for replying

  • yosualb

    When I mentioned exporting, I meant are you exporting your file as a "Scirra Arcade"?

    Unfortunately some third party plugins are also not allowed in the scirra arcade.

    If you check this link:

    The link above shows the plugins that are supportive. In this case, it doesn't show that the canvas is supportive, so that probably explains the problem your having. If you really want to show off your work there are other hosting sites like Kongregate or Newgrounds where third party plugins will work, the only problem being that people are a bit more picky on those sites as they expect a full game with graphic arts and such to be finished. is another great site to host games, so check it out as well. The community is also pretty good.

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