How do I make an explosion spawn other explosions?

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  • Hello guys!

    I have stuck with the following issue, I have no idea what I am doing wrong. I have the following events

    All I want, to make set up my BigExplosion in 252 to spawn other explosions with the given parameters. (Like a factory)

    The new Explosions should be created in 250. These are working fine, even the new Explosion variables are set correctly.

    But everything in the 239 not happening, only if 252 happens again when some Explosion were created and are still on the screen. Basically all the explosions on the screen are resetting or something, but they are moving then.

    I really have no clue what causes this. I am open to any other working solution for my case. I believe this "JustCreated = 1 when an object is created, and after the creating events ended set to 0" is not the most sopisticated example for this problam!

    Thank yor for yor answers in advance!

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  • YAY i got the solution!

    If anybody interrested changing

    -Explosion -> Spawn ExplosionBig on layer 1 (image point 0)


    -System -> Create object ExplosionBig on layer 1 at (Explosion.X, Explosion.Y)

    solved the issue! I really don't know why. So if anybody could tell me, I would be so happy ;->

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