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  • Hello,

    Really need some help as I'm not great with this kind of thing,

    I want it so that when spacebar is pressed, the player explodes, and 30 square blood 'bullets' fly from his body in random directions spanning 360 degrees. I also want an explosion animation to appear where the player was.

    All help is hugely appreciated as I'm only a beginner.


  • on button pressed - particle spray once, 360

    In short words.

    * create particle with some kind of red dot

    * set cone to 360

    * set spray once

    * as you need set speed, distance etc

    * add pin to particle

    * on layout start set position to player and pin to player

    * set not spraying

    * when button pressed, or other event - spray

  • Thanks! Will this automatically create the spray on top of the character?

  • No. Depending what you want. You must do it on start. I have player/enemies always on top (every tick), so I must move on top what I need. But this I posted working well, I am justing it right now and looks cool. Just need good tweaks depending on game window resolution, enemy size in pixels etc, so you must try yourself.

    Here sample, it looks better when animated and you can tweat particles shape, sizes etc for smother effect.

    Edited, you not need to move particle top if you add particle after object enemy to project - particle will be over enemy always.

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  • Okay, would you be able to show time an small example of the code as it is shown in Construct 2? I'm very early on in the learning process and struggling to find tutorials so just jumping in head first!

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