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  • Howdy people

    i saw in alot of games that when bots explode they project smoke and particles (in-fire piece of robot that spawn smoke ) and also detached piece of the robot that like rolls down and then dissapear ( you can see this effect in the game Cobalt )

    and i think that its cool but i cant make this effect can you guys help me make it?

    thank you very much

  • There are a few examples of particle effect in the how do I FAQ.

    Simply replace the sprites with your robot parts.

    Position the emitter to your character's position when you need it (on collision with a bullet or something probably) and make it emit.

  • Kyatric

    i mean make the robot parts detach and fly in the sky

    and if you know where to find the explosion particles sprites

  • A composite sprite would be a nice feature :D Right now you could use the pin behavior and attach the parts. When the robot explodes fire the particles and detach the parts making them fly. The flying could be made in many ways. You could add physics behavior to the parts. Or custom movement. Or bullet. Or control it entirely with custom events. I don't know if the pin behavior would be flexible and powerful enough for this case though. I would use Bone Movement behavior but it's not implemented on C2 yet.

  • kiyoshi

    can you tell me how to make it with the physics?

  • Never played with physics that much but you can set the parts immovable at start and then on explosion set them movable and apply impulse at a random direction.

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  • thank you i will think about this

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