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  • Hi

    I see some topic's about explosion, but i need some good idea how make it work smooth.

    I wanna make with some TNT and Granades, using physic and i dont know how make explosion with is stronger if is near object and have less power when is litte far.

    (sorry for my english)

  • Any ideas on this? I'm also interested.

  • You could use the DISTANCE system expression. Get the result and depending on how far apart they are, use a different animation, or force etc to display the explosion.

    distance(x1, y1, x2, y2)

    Here's a simple CAPX to show you. Click the mouse around the red sprite. The closer you are the bigger the explosion (boom is a small one KABOOM! is bigger). Of course you could set a few tests to increase the size of the explosion as you get closer, but for this I've only done one test.


    Shout up if you need more help :)

  • Using distance looks nice, but I would like a more dynamic explosion instead of just 2 or 3 levels of strength. For instance, if the explosion happens 1 pixel away from an object, then apply a strength of a 99, if it's 2 pixels away, strength of 98...etc. I guess we could still use the distance expression for it, but the problem is it would be reversed, the closer the explosion happens, the less potent the number would be: 1 pixel away = strength of 1, 2 pixels away = strength of 2.

  • What you do with the explosion is up to you, I could've made it say boom closer to the player (square) and KABOOM! if it was further away. As for a smoother check, I'm not 100% on that, there is probably a formula you could use (maybe using the LERP command?) I'm sure someone smarter than me could help with that on here.


  • there are number of ways you can make explosion with physics, but here is one extremely ugly way to do it (always love to construct when i'm drunk) <img src="smileys/smiley11.gif" border="0" align="middle"> .

    you can even check for LOS to make it more "real"

    exploding bomb that explodes

    edit: change range to limit bomb "infuluence"/radius, left clikc for bomb, right click for TNT(left clikc on TNT to acivate it), play with values of power...

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  • Wow Man, that's awesome! Thats the effect i want have in my game. Thank You :D

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