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  • Ive been trying all day but i cant seem to figure out how to make an object explode with force or impulse effecting the physics objects around the object exploding. I have multiple different objects i want effected if the cannonball is close enough to effect it. But i cant figure out how or where to direct the blast around the cannonball to a limited "Blast zone" so only the objects within ranged are effected.

    here is the capx of what i have so far, its not much.


  • hop! That's for you


  • Edit : wrong post...

  • Wow that is perfect but i don't quite understand how you were able to apply it to all 3 types of blocks, I'm assuming it was using the loop command but would u mind explaining a little more please? that is great work!

  • Ahhh i see, you combined them all to one sprite and just changed the animation frame for each color, very clever, considering they have the same properties. But if i were using, lets say 6 completely different shapes and sizes with different behaviors/variables on them, would i have to make a true event for the collision on each of the items, or is there a way to make a collide with a,b,c,d,e, or f then Set explode to true?

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  • Well, every body's waiting for the "family" feature to come (:

    Families will allow you to "group" same kind of elements (sprite or tiled background, or text) under the same name and manipulate shared properties (similar instance variable and behavior) as I did here. Just, as ou said, these element will be able to have different behaviors/variables.

    Pode: you mean... the car in the other thread about car AI ?

  • ahhh ok, im looking forward to that, thank you for all your help!

  • Im looking forward too. Families would be nice!

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