How do I explicitly set a Sprite's ZIndex?

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  • I know I can change a Sprite's ZIndex within a layer by using "Move to top/bottom" and "Move to object," but is there a way I can actually assign a value to the ZIndex? I have a scene where the objects need to overlap in such a way that requires a very specific Z-order, and assigning this order using "Move to top/bottom/object" is a very round-about and error-prone way of achieving this order. It would be much easier to have an event that would allow me to set a numerical value to the ZIndex. Is there a way I can accomplish this?

    I know that there's a .ZIndex property, but I can't find a way to manually assign a value to it...

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  • As you have a licence you have unlimited layers, so you could break your objects over multiple layers and use "Move to layer" as a solution.

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