Expand collision polygon beyond sprite size

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  • Is it possible to do what the topic says?

    Would be handy on small drag and drop object..

    I know I could just do an invis object around the sprite, or expand the empty area around my graphics... but the polygon thing would probably be smarter!

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  • As sound as you scale yur image also the collisions polygon get scaled. Why should you need something else ?

    But for sure an invis object arround the sprite would be a good idea. You could also make a Plugin for that.

  • The only way I can imagine doing it would be to see to it that the sprite does not fill the bounding box. The imported imaged would need to be small enough in relation to the bounding box. A lot of graphics programs auto crop on export. Sometimes I cheat by placing four small marks or dots in the corners of the image to set a crop size. I think it would be awesome if the image editor allowed you to scale the image and not the bounding box. It would also be really bitchen if the image editor could do onion skinning.

  • Make the sprite size bigger and do what you need, or simple make an invisible sprite with the size matching the polygon mask you needed and spawn and pin it on the object you want.

  • Ty for your replies.

    Darklinki - If you dont't want to scale the graphics, but still want to be able to select it easily.

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