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  • I am still playing with both exporters.

    At the moment I have them both building the game into an app nicely, and my game is "native" for my iPad, but I want to know if there is a way to close the game.

    Not just by pressing the button on the iPad, but actually a way to exit the app.

  • Most iOS apps don't come exit game button. I?m not sure it may work when you add Browser plugin, there an action is Exit Browser.

  • you dont really close iOS apps. You can force em to close to mainly they stay open until the memory is needed to load somethin else. If you double press the bottom button the bottom scrolls up and you can see all the open apps. You can close (really close) apps in that area the same way turn on the "move app" jiggle on the normal screen

  • Thanks for the replies.

    A lot of games (see angry birds) have some sort of exit button, whether it closes the app or not, it still hides it, or minimizes it. Is there a way to hide or minimize at least?

    Does the same apply with Android?

    I just want to make sure that people don't hate the game because there is no way to exit.

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  • there is a way to exit tho... its the button that takes you back to the main screen or whatever. Its not like on windows where if a program has the exit button disabled where the only way to close it would be to force it closed in task manager all because the programmer didnt emulate the exit function with a button.

    I think your tryin to think around somethin thats not an actual issue

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