How do I make a exhaust straight for each rocket that spawn?

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  • I have a game where there are a few rockets and each rocket has its own exhaust. When the rocket spawns, so does the exhaust and it's pinned to the back of the rocket. At the beginning, for the first rocket that the game starts with, the exhaust is aligned with the rocket's angle, but when the player becomes another rocket, the exhaust for the any other rocket for this matter is not aligned and the result is the image below. With the rocket facing a awkward angle and not straight away from the rocket.

    The rocket is facing West and the exhaust is going SouthEast..... How do I fix this? I already tried:

    Exhaust > On Created> Set Angle>Rocket.angle but that didn't do anything to fix the problem.....

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  • What is your "exhaust" ? Is it a particle emitter ? A sprite ?

    How/when is the angle for your rocket set ?

    Is the Exhaust a container object ? If not then Rocket.angle will always refer to the first instance created, and so its angle will be the one taken into account.

    Consider posting your capx, this will make it easier to investigate and correct your issue.

  • Well I got it to work within my game. After completing a test capx, I made containers for the rocket and exhaust and basically followed what I made: ... .capx?dl=0

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