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  • Hi everyone!! Tell me where you can download examples, source code and isometric RPG game examples.

  • You mean, an RPG Construct 2 game engine? I think there is none. I am currently making an RPG as a side project, but it's not even an RPG at the current state.

  • maybe he meant a plugin or so

    but you need to do a lot to create an actual rpg

  • Here i was looking for somethink like that. Thats my demo. scirra.com/forum/topic66703.html

  • No, I'm not looking for a game engine or plug-in. I'm looking for an example of how like (diabloLikeMov), but there is only the movement by holding myshy and not on click. maybe there's an example of how diablo 2. movement in perspective by clicking myschi.inventar player ever kakoynibud least I'm new to construct 2.

  • and alkaline vopros.podskazhite please, I have my example of how to stick it to the forum?

  • If you want diablo like movement you need a couple of things, the first part is easy, have the player sprite move toward where the mouse is clicked. This can be done by pinning an invisible sprite to wherever the player clicks. Then setting the angle of the player character to wherever the click was.

    You can also use pathfinding to get it to navigate around objects. But that takes a bit to compute.

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  • I remember seeing a diablo movement tutorial or something in the Frequently Asked Questions topic

  • Even easier, BluePhaze , you just use angle(player.X, player.Y, Mouse.X, Mouse.Y). No need for a dummy sprite.

  • but you only want it when they click, you don't want it to follow the mouse unless the mouse click is hit or held down.

  • BluePhaze there's no need for more than the player object and the mouse coordinates no matter how you do it.

    Say you have 8direction behavior.

    + Mouse Left Button Down
    ++ Mouse.X > Player.X
    --> Simulate Control Right
    ++ Mouse.X < Player.X
    --> Simulate Control Left
    ++ Mouse.Y > Player.Y
    --> Simulate Control Down
    ++ Mouse.Y < Player.Y
    --> Simulate Control Up

    Bullet Behavior and Custom Movement are even simpler:

    + Mouse Left Button Down
    -> Set Angle of Motion: angle(Player.X, Player.Y, Mouse.X, Mouse.Y)
    -> Set Speed: Player.Speed

    Of course you can get more complex with the movements, or find other ways of doing it. But you don't ever need more than the Mouse.X or Mouse.Y for mouse based movement.

  • Good point, that is more efficient. Then if you needed that data to persist for any reason you could just drop the last X,Y coordinates into a variable and store them

  • finding a way for me so far has slozhno.esli explanatory tutorial I would posmotrel.a at the expense of mouse clicks I figured, thank you, but I have 8 directions, and I did not get a sprite animation in 8 directions, how to do it? if I make the motion on the keyboard then everything works, but when you click neraboaet, there may be a formula that would be needed when the sprite has been rotated 45 degrees to play a certain animatsiya.aot what my problem is.

  • Thank you TL22! as at 8 direction movement make animatsiya0ved each sprite position to play one of 8 animatsiy.umenya not work.

  • Thank you all for your help! I found a great example on the forum, he said silvereonGame.esli interesno.Personazh who go to where the mouse clicked and plays the desired animatsiya.vse very simple turns out to)))

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