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  • I recently experiemented and created a nice laser effect that some may want to use in their games.

    An example of this can be found in the arcade: Click Here!

    A short video example can be found here:

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    The .capx file and a better tutorial can be found here: Click Here! Its similar to the interactive tutorial, however the images of the Event Sheet screenshots are higher and easier to read.

    I apologies for low graphical quality of the rest of the example in the arcase, I didn't have the time to up the aesthetics. However the purpose and focus is on the laser effect (Think Star Trek).

    As for instructions. Simply fly the space ship around and click on the targets, ideally at a distances. The laser should automatically charge and fire.

    I may reduce the size of the sprites to make the example a clearer demonstrations.

    When I get time today or over the next few days, I hope to create a video tutorial for others to follow. As well as upload the .capx file.

    Look forward to your feedback.

    **Update 06/12/2013:

    -Removed redundant and broken links.

  • I have now uploaded an interactive tutorial to Kongregate, as well as finishing a written tutorial (albeit the same written tutorial as found in the interactive tutorial). If you have any questions please ask.

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  • Nice tutorial engine you made it on Kongregate!

  • Yes, I had noticed on Kongregate others making Flash game tutorials in Flash, or Stencyl game tutorials in Stencyl. So I thought I;d try to make a Construct 2 tutorials in Construct 2.

    It seems to have worked, although it look a long time. Learning things along the way (i.e. Don't make the screen too small, else views can see the event screen shots).

    Thank you for your compliment.

  • Just created and linked to the video tutorial associated with the above.

  • Wow gonna experiment with this!!!

    Thnx for sharing!!!

  • Where can I get the capx? I went to your site but it looks like is down and the other site you're selling the capx.


  • SquareMation : Thank you for your response.

    ALLMarkMade : Hey, I've been away from Scirra for quite some time. Non the less I've [finally] returned. I've re-uploaded the .Capx including the other files I was originally hosting. You can find this at the following link: englishacorn.com/construct2/old-capx-files

    While the .Capx files themselves seem to work as before in the C2 previewer. The HTML exporter has been updated several times, as has the C2 version. You may need to twig some elements within the .Capx file. For the laser example, I think I bundled in three different files. One is annotated and should explain my thinking behind the effect. I hope it helps.

    Cheers, Adam.

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