How do I this example in Construct !

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    I'm new to this and I am creating a shooting game.

    Thanks for the help.

  • Read the manual. Search the tutorials. Attempt something. Come back and ask specific questions. Or pay me and I'll do it for you*


  • is possible to create something similar in construct2?

    I have not found anything similar example or idea. I have all the required sprites, but I can not do

  • Yes it's possible.

  • To clarify, this is very easy to do in C2. I really cannot believe they are charging $10 for that. I must be missing something :/

  • It is not only possible, but also very easy, we will gladly help you but just like codah said, we can't teach you all the construct2 basics in this post, read the beginner tutorials and once you encouter a specific issue come back here and you will get an answer. Start by making a layout, add all the sprites and the mouse object, make the aim display follow the mouse pointer every tick and the gun image follow the pointer on the x axis, add the shooting animation and after this is done, make the star go on a random position inside the layout every x seconds. Than you just need to add an "on clicked object" for the star, triggering the scoring system which has more than enough tutorials.

    Best of luck with your project!

  • Furthermore, when you download C2 there are a lot of demo projects to try and "mess with"...

  • Thank you very much for your feedback, it is difficult to me.

    first time I try, construct 2

    Greetings, Good day: D

  • It's really simple to achieve this. I made you an example.

    This is the basic logic, you can add more to it now.

    Have fun!

  • Thank you very much for the help. for your patience and time. skozax

    this what I intend to create.

    I can not align the target with the weapon.

  • You are welcome, I've been through all this frustration and I am happy to help.

    If I understand correctly your issue can be solved by changing the origin(image point) of your gun sprite.

    Just double click on the gun sprite and go to the second icon from bottom and you will see a target like icon.

    Click on it and then click on the centre of the gun for example.

    Now, you will be able to adjust it as you like.

    Also, I believe your should change the sprite of the gun completely. This angle doesn't help a lot.

  • Thanks again, it was something very simple.

    when progress. publishes


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  • Here you go... I've added some things, lowered the BG resolution in order to keep the file under 2 Mb (otherwise it won't be attached)... Keep what you need and like

  • I can't open the cap.x for some reason but just make it "everytick>set weapon x to > mouse.x"

  • I'm impressed, thank you very much for the help.

    there are things I do not understand, but I am analyzing, all indications.

    Thank you very much.

    Good day, and thank you for your time eli0s

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