How do I make an exact copy of an object at runtime?

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  • Hi, all. I'd like to make an exact copy of an object at runtime, including the FX properties, for example Hue and Brightness. Is this possible? (Is the only way saving all the FX properties of the original object in Instance variables and copying the rest of the settings one by one?)

    And for someone who might say - why would you need that, etc - I'm building a stuff generator in C2 - a quick way to make all sorts of things (perhaps placeholder, perhaps not). Here are some examples:

    Let's build a plane!

    Let' s build a... crappy looking vehicle!

    As you can see in many cases a quick copy would be neat. It would also enable a mirror feature which would be even neater.

    While we are at it - how would one save half of the canvas out as a transparent png?

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