How do I get everything to sync with delta time / timescale?

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  • I'm working on a contract game involving an NDA, so I regretfully cannot post the capx file.

    The game I'm working on involves buttons displayed, as well as those buttons moving and fading in and out. I achieve button movement (moving up and down) by adding and subtracting to their y value, waiting a specific amount of time, and calling the same function recursively until a condition is met. I do something similar when I fade the buttons in and out, only by affecting their opacity instead of their y value.


    FadeOutCounter = 100;
    FadeOutSpeed = 0.009;
        if FadeOutCounter > 0
            ButtonOpacity = ButtonOpacity - 1;
            Subtract 1 from FadeOutCounter;
            Wait FadeOutSpeed seconds;
            Call FadeOutButtonRow()
        if FadeOutCounter <= 0
            break from function;
    I'm trying to implement a fast-forward feature, so naturally I would increase the timescale.  When I do increase timescale, most of the game speeds up as desired, but not my custom movement and fading functions.  I tried to decrease the speed variables in conjunction with increasing the timescale (such as multiplying FadeOutSpeed * dt), but I observe zero visible change.
    Any suggestions for how to fix this and make everything fast-forward?
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