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  • Hi!

    I am encountering a strange issue only my laptop.

    I have a condition set to spawn a apple at every 3 seconds.

    Then i preview my game in Chrome or Explorer and it totaly ignores the 3 seconds...

    Its spawning every tick at first and then it sometimes slows down to what seems to be seconds and then it goes to every tick again.

    It looks broken!

    I dont know if posting a capx is usefull because i only have this issue on my laptop.

    So my question is: have any of u encountered this strange issue?

  • Even the Compare Time conditions doesn't work.

    I set it to spawn an apple after 20 seconds and it spawns it directly at preview.

    Strange, and it makes it impossible to create a game on the laptop.

    Edit: I have tested a "example capx" i downloaded from the forum that has a spawn at every 10 seconds condition in it, and that one works.

    So when created on my laptop it is broken but when created on a other pc it works... <img src="smileys/smiley5.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Please always attach a .capx demonstrating the problem!

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  • Here is the capx copied straight from my laptop.


    (As a test i copied the capx to my desktop pc and instantly the Every X Second condition works like a charm)

    Same Capx, just different computer, so my gues is that on your pc it also works like it should.

    I also reinstalled Construct2 "latest stable release" on my laptop but the issue remains.

    Strange this is.

    If u cant find anything in the .capx then i could also upload a short movie to show it.

    My laptop is the Acer aspire 5520

    I hope u can find something.

    Thanx for looking in to it Ashley

  • Does it happen in every browser? Are all your browsers up to date as well?

  • In internet explorer it all goes well on my laptop.( did not test this so thanx)

    In chrome "latest version" i still have the issue.

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