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  • Hello, I am currently developing a roguelike game, where every event you play is randomily chosen from a series of events.

    I am curious which you think would be the best way to include the random events...

    every event on its own layout

    every event in its own group on a single layout.

    I have created the game in both ways, and from a design perspective there are benefits to both ways, but I am curious if anyone knows what would be more efficient in C2, would it be better to have hundreds of layouts for events, or just a few layouts but masses of groups that are only activated if the player randomly chooses one?

    Thanks for your thoughts

  • When you say 'layout', do you mean separate event sheet?

    I don't think there is any difference performance wise, as with most coding the biggest thing is what approach is most manageable and easiest to understand.

    Also, alternative to activating masses of groups could be using functions which I prefer in most cases.

    I prefer groups, some people prefer separate event sheets. :)

  • I would take groups

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  • Hi, thanks vee41, I did mean seperate event sheets. :)

    If there isnt much of a difference Ill take a look at functions, but failing that ill use groups.

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