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  • Hi!

    I'm doing a little platformer with multiple levels and I'd like to re-use some things from an events sheet. (It's my first time making more than one level).

    I wonder how does it work?

    I mean, I'd like to have a sheet with the main fighting/monsters events, and one sheet per level for the scripting of the bosses/etc.

    Do you have any suggestions?

    Just on a note apart : I can't believe how C2 is powerful and FUN to use! You'll see a good game up on the arcade pretty soon!

    I've just bought it minutes ago, and let me say: SCIRRA DESERVES ALL THE MONEY IT CAN TAKE FROM ME! haha

    Thanks a lot!

  • You can make the generic event sheet (with some "engines" for monsters, bullets, etc.) and, in the event sheet of the level, you click with the right button and select "include event sheet".


    Thanks a lot! I LOVE how they created a nice visual interface over simple but flexible programming principles. I'm a software developer and I REALLY appreciate that!

    Thanks again :-)

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  • Also another question, is it possible to reuse things from levels to levels? Like text, etc?

    Also, I'd like to make some dialog panel, so enemies could talk to the player. Are you aware of any means of doing so?


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