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  • Hello, very new to Construct 2, but I'm loving it.

    Have figured out a lot already. However, none of my events seem to work. They just don't seem to take event.

    For instance, on collision go to a new layout. Any event I make, and I think they are pretty darn straightforward, just seem to never take effect.

    I even copied some straight from tutorials, and they don't work. However, I copied someone elses tutorial (time counter) and the event did work. Events just don't seem to work in my respective project.

    Please help with suggestions.


  • I may have figured it out.

    Layout Properties: Event Sheet

    This means you can only have one event sheet. Ok, got it. Thanks to myself :)

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  • o.o read manual please ^^ also you can use more than one event sheet on one layout with including eventsheets together by right click on eventsheet then include...

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