How do I have event: Upon collision with ANYTHING ??

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  • I am making a car game. I 'pinned' an invisible barrior to the top of the car. This way, if the invisible barrier pinned to the top of the car hits anything, that tells me that the played had a bad crash (flipping the car is allowed - as long as it doesn't hit anything).

    However, how do I set up an event that basically says:

    Collision with the invisible barrior (that is attached to the top of the car) collides with ANYTHING?? Right now, I'm making a ton of events saying if the top of the car hits the road, hits the sign, hits the bridge, etc.... is there an easy way to set up an 'anything collision?'

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  • It would be cool to have something like this - but for the moment, you'd have to use a family instead.

    So you'd put all your roadside stuff in a family, then have one event "If car collides with family" .

    You'd need to maintain / update though, if you added more things / changed their behaviour.

    You can't at the moment have two different types in a family, say for example, if you were using a mixture of sprites and tiled backgrounds for your collision objects.

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