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  • hi

    im having a little trouble finding an answer to how event sheets and layouts are related

    I have issues it seems when I add a layout and then add an event sheet for that layout...do you have to link that event sheet to the layout? if you have just one event sheet for multiple layouts, how does it work with "on start of layout" events?

    there have been a couple times when I add a layout by copiying an existing layout and then separately add an event sheet to capture the differences in the events in the second layout but it doesn't seem to work that well doing that...

    thanks again1


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  • If you select the layout and look on the left side at the layout properties you will see a field called Event Sheet where you can assign any one event sheet to the current layout. When using the On Start Of Layout event it will affect any of the layouts using that event sheet.

  • lol! thanks, I cant believe I didn't see that!

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