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  • Hello,

    when I have 40 Layouts connected to 1 Event sheet, how am I supposed to set some action for a specific layout?

    I mean something like this:

    Condition: On start of layout number XX > Action: something, something...

    So when for example layout number 30 appears I want to be a specific text object invisible (or something like that)

    Or when I have 40 layouts and 1 Event sheet, what If I want to different actions happen in all layouts.



    For now, you can create a "CurrentLayout" variable, and change it ever time you change a layout, like when going through a door in a platformer game. Then, do events like "On Start Of Layout AND compare variable:CurrentLayout to "layout name" -----> action.

  • fassFlash There is already a LayoutName expression under the system object, I don't know what you need more !

    On start of layout     -> Do common things


    -LayoutName = "xxxx" -> Do this

    -LayoutName = "yyyy" -> Do that

  • thank you Magistross

    didnt notice...

  • Thanks.

  • I prefer putting stuff unique to certain layouts on their own event sheets and then using an Include to add everything from the main event sheet in there. It's just more organized.

    So for me it goes something like

    Global Events : character controls, enemy AI, etc

    Level 1 Events: Include Global Events, unique puzzle events, level start/end events

    Level 2...

    Level 3...


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  • ahr Ech: If I understand correctly you have event sheets with specificities according to each layout, and all those event sheets are included in a single main event sheet, right ?

    Why not do the opposite ?

    Have all the common mechanics in a "Common" event sheet and then have One event sheet per layout in which you can put the specifics but also include the "Common" event sheet ?

  • Kyatric: What you're suggesting there is exactly what I was trying to say. I'm just terrible at explaining things, I guess. Lets hope I never try to write a tutorial!

  • ahr Ech: Nevermind, reading again what you wrote, it's obvious now that's what you were saying. It was "late", I got things messed up and misunderstood it, my bad.

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