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  • Is there a way to share my event sheet logic or "code" with someone who doesn't have Construct without having to type it all out in pseudo code? (or to post snippets of the event sheet on a forum without exporting and uploading the whole capx)

    I have a programmer friend who I ask for advice on code logic sometimes, but it is difficult when I can't show him what I have done. I wouldn't want to bother him to install Construct. Also what would happen if my file had over 100 events? Would he need a full copy of Construct as well?

    Screenshots of the event sheet are terribly inefficient for obvious reasons. A workaround I thought of was to use Skypes desktop sharing so he can see my screen, as well as discuss at the same time. This works well, but can be overkill sometimes for a simple question.

    It would be great if there were a way to export the event sheet in plain text for copy and paste purposes (email, instant message, forums), or an html document which shows the event sheet as we see it in the event sheet view.

  • Unfortunately not.

    There was a nice feature in CC where you could select event press ctrl+c

    and ctrl+v and it will paste your event in plain text format.

    Maybe one day it will come to C2 :)

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  • You can always take screen shots, but if you need to show large swaths of the event sheet that might be problematic.

    If he's really adventurous...the event sheets are saved as XML files if the project is save uncompressed. Good luck with him understanding that without writing some sort of parser (which would take a lot more work than just installing Construct 2)

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