My event sheet not work fine =/

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  • Good afternoon,

    Guys, I really need help on a problem I found two days ago and now I'm stuck.

    I am attaching the. Capx here for easy viewing if someone can help me.

    Below is a description of the problem:

    Begin the layout Pergunta1 and give play, any one of the blue arrows is ok, but choose the first blue arrow. The layout go to Respostas1 passing the variable p1, this layout is the problem. To illustrate better put three variables on the right side. The firsts four responses are Coerentes and the last four are Incoerentes, case choose the first arrow on the previous screen, if choose the second arrow is the opposite. If the first choice when you click the arrow and choose first answer like Coerente, it add 1 in Var Acertos. if the second option click Incoerente, it should add only 1 in variable error, but add 2, already tried removing error and make a total, but he still goes wrong. I analyzed this eventsheet for two days and tried a few different ways to do it, but all without success.

    I apologize for the rude English, I'm not fluent, I�m work in construct have a few months. Sorry bad code. =)

    Thank you.

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