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  • So I'm not sure whats going on but I ran into a problem. I was writing code for tile map collision when absolutely nothing work. So I disabled everything and wrote a simple code that is guaranteed to work... on start of layout set variable to 1. It did not work. instead of changing the value as told the variable keeps its initial value. Of course I can change starting value in the event sheet, but it seems that my code in the event sheet will not run. This leads me to believe that ive run into a bug, or there is something I just don't know.

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  • Did you put the variable under an event or a group? Make sure 'Static' is enabled for your variable. If this is not the case, we need a screenshot or the capx.

  • Thanks for the reply... I managed to figure out the problem. I started out creating my layouts without event sheets and chose to add them when I needed them. I had no problem with the first two but it seemed the third event sheet did not want to pair with the third layout...

    I'm sad to say I assumed that the placement of the event sheets behind the layout was all I needed to do to pair them... Guess I was wrong. I never figured out if there was anyway to pair it though so if someone knows I'm still looking for that answer.

    To fix my problem I just created another layout with an event sheet and moved my objects and code over. Ill just have to get in the habit of making all my layouts with events and renaming them immediately and removing the events from display unitl I need them.

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