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  • How do I change the icon of an object in the Projects Window and thus, the event sheets? I want the icon to be the first frame of the Default Animation of an object, but it is represented by one of the other animations.

  • Weird because "First frame of Default Animation" is indeed the icon in the C2 editor.

  • Yeah. Maybe it's a bug. It did originate as a cloned object. But I just tried to duplicate the animation and changing the original one to the correct one. But that still hasn't changed it. I think it's changed by some other trigger.

  • Cloning still showing first frame from default animation.

    Any screenshot?

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  • So, I fixed it, but I'm not quite sure why. When I clicked on the object in the Projects Window, it selected all of the different instances of the object in the layout window. One of them had white boxes around it, the ones for resizing an object. I figured this meant that it was at the top of some list, maybe z order. So, I swapped them. I made that primary one the correct default animation, and I made what used to be the default one, into the incorrect animation.

    I still had to save and reload the program for the change to take effect, but there is something more to this than just being the default animation. Thanks for your help anyway! It spurred me to try to figure it out for the nth time!

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