Event sheet change applies to all layouts???

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  • Hi,

    Whenever I select an event sheet for a layout it changes all layouts to that one event sheet. When I go through and try to change them all, they all do the same thing. Whatever event sheet I try to change it to, it changes all layouts to that event sheet also. Thanks heaps!

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  • Event Sheets are independent of Layout. They are program sequence. Different sheets are different program sequences.

    When you set a layout the layout will used the defined sheet. If multiple layouts use the same sheet(because you can set the default sheet on the layout properties) then those layouts use the same sheet. Even if it's just one sheet then they share the one sheet.

  • Hi, I don't think you understand what is happening. :) I understand that you can have multiple layouts set to the same event sheet. What happens is when I assign "Layout One" to "Event Sheet 1" all of the other layouts get set to "Event Sheet 1".

    I do this:

    set "Layout One" to "Event Sheet 1"

    What happens after I do that:

    "Layout One" gets set to "Event Sheet 1"

    "Layout Two" gets set to "Event Sheet 1"

    "Layout Three" gets set to "Event Sheet 1"

    No matter what I set each layout to, all of the other layouts become the same... As you can probably guess this is extremely frustrating. ;)

    Thanks, jaimyn :)

  • Hey,

    I'm confused with your problem. What you describe isn't the normal way for C2 to work, so we must be misunderstanding you, or you have a buggy install.

    When you say "set Layout One to Event Sheet 1", you mean in the property bar, in the "Event sheet" field of the "Layout 1" properties, right ? If not, please explain where you set it.

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  • Yes, that is what it is doing. ?? I thought I might have been doing something wrong so I wanted to check before I did anything like re-install it and stuff. ;) I am trying that now, will let you know how it goes. :)

  • *UPDATE*

    I have just done some testing and I have discovered it only does it with that project. If I open a blank one and try to assign different event sheets it works. I have also re-installed the latest Construct 2 and it is still doing the same thing. :/

  • Well... that seems like a buggy project. Care to share so we can take a look ? Or maybe just start copy pasting everything from the first project to a blank one...

  • I tried copying to a new project but it wouldn't let me because of some global variables... I tried on a different PC and it doesn't work. Here is a link: drive.google.com/file/d/0BwqZI88ckbEYZjVselp4RnpmSjA/edit

  • I didn't have any problem changing the event sheets associated to each layout... Here is your file with only that changed.


  • Sorry to bud in, but I got scared like that the first time too. The thing is after you click on a layout on the top bar you olso have to click somewhere inside the layout.

    Then it will refresh and display the properties for the selected layout, otherwise it just shows you the new layout but the properties menu remains set for the last one you clicked. And it made me think it uses the same event sheet for all layouts too.

    Could you be making the same mistake?

    P.S. Guizmus I updated my "How do I, complex menu" post with a reply for you. Maybe check it out when you have some time please? Thank you. <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • So true... I didn't think of that one... Selecting a layout isn't going into the layout tab, it's selecting it in the project window. You should always check what properties you are changing, the object name is at the top of the property list. In this case, you would have seen you just stayed in the same layout properties.

  • I was definitely changing the right ones, it said the correct name in the properties window.

    Exact process:

    1) Select the tab of "Layout 1"

    2) Click inside the "Layout 1" window

    3) Select arrow next to "Event sheet" option then select "Event Sheet 1"

    4) Click inside the "Layout 1" window again

    5) Click on the tab of "Layout 2"

    6)Click inside the "Layout 2" window

    7) It is the same as whatever I set it to in step 3.

  • I think missed out number 5!! If I do all of the steps it works fine! If I miss out number 5, exactly the same thing happens. I could have sworn I was doing all of those steps. :)

    It started magically working so I went back through and missed out a step, when I got to 5 - it started "changing" them all. What I think was really happening is that it was displaying the properties that I changed, not the properties of the layout I had just selected.

  • A simpler way to do it is to use the "Project window", where all the objects, event sheets, layout, resources, ... are listed. Just click on a layout there and its properties will display.

    By the way, in the file I sent you back, I had corrected the sheets assigned to the layouts based on the names.

    It was strange to see a layout for every difficulty level though. It's most of the time just some global variables that change and the system adapts accordingly. Well, this wasn't your problem so let's forget about it ^^

  • Thanks, don't worry about that ;) I had the Event-Common and I was going to put all of the common events like movement, etc. on it. (and use the include feature) Then on each level the spawning and time scale section was going to be different. I could do this with variables and stuff but it is much easier this way. :) Once I get the game into a beta stage, I will then optimise stuff like that. Right now, I just want to make it. :)

    Thanks for all of your help. :)

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