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  • I am converting an old game I made with Game Maker so I can turn it into an HTML5 version.

    I have A Splash Screen, Directions Screen, 8 Room Screens (all with the same button controls only the layout with the background picture changes, and the End screen. (All screen have a different 1024x768 picture on them.)

    My question is about Event sheet and the best way to handle them. Here is my plan:

    Splash Screen with its one event sheet for the next button

    Directions Screen its one event sheet which will also pick Normal or Hard mode.

    8 Room Screens (with 8 different layouts and pictures on each) which will share 1 event sheet containing 10 choice buttons and game code. The object will be able to solve puzzles to make it to the final screen.

    End Screen with its own event sheet for score board and exit

    Is this the best way to do the game, or should each 8 rooms (layouts) have their own event sheet?


  • I think it comes down to personal preference. You could use just the one event sheet for all of the layouts. But the drawback is that you cannot add anything unique to just once of the layouts.

    You will want to have one event sheet that handles the character, movement, abilities and whatnot.

    But I still have one event sheet for each layout, the first thing I do is include the gameplay event sheet (with the character stuff in it) This way if I have an interlude level were the timer should stop, its easy to do. Pretty much anything that only need to happen in one layout I would put on the individual event sheet.


    Doesn't matter either way, you could always add a new event sheet later if you needed to do something different on one layout.

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  • it depends of how YOU like to work, I would use 1 evensheet for all

    and just make groups


    directions screen






  • Thank you both. I may give the one event sheet a go then since all sheet will have nothing special. You just need to get through all of them to win.

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