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  • I tried using an action and it doesn't seem to work. Perhaps I am doing it wrong.

    (Ball) - on collision with another object (bar)

            Action: set speed to 1000

    The ball was originally set to 400, but when I try it out the speed doesn't change. I'm new to construct2 but it wasn't hard to figure out after I read the beginners tutorial. Other actions seem to work ok, at least the ones I've tried, but this one doesn't seem to work.   I have 8 direction movement as a behavior on the ball.

    Can anyone help? Thanks.

    Edit: This is a ball you move with the arrow keys. I do not have bullet as a behavior. Is the set speed action only for bullet objects?

  • Try sharing a .capx so we can see what you've done.

  • does the ball move with arrows or it even doesn't move?? if it doesn't move and no speed change then you need to set the layout with the eventsheet if the ball move check if this is action not condition o.o also check its maxspeed = 1000. as ashley said you must upload capx to let us know what you have made wrong :)

  • Reply to Ashley and zsangerous:

    Ashley: I decided not to use it in that game and have finished the game, but I want to use it in the future.... I could probably make a new one just with that action to show a .capx. I'll do that in a few minutes....

    zsangerous: yes, the ball has movement using the arrow.   But from what I see in your post, should I have had the max speed at 1000 on the behavior of the ball to begin with? My max speed on the behavior is set at 200, acceleration:600, deceleration: 500. If I have the max speed already set to 1000 then the ball will move too fast. What I want to do is when they come in contact with a certain object, they will speed up very fast and run into a wall and be destroyed....it's sort of a booby trap so the next time they will pick a different path. I'll just make an example .capx and put it in dropbox.

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  • This is an edit, but I'll post it as a reply. I was making the example and figured it out. I set the behavior of the ball to 1000 max speed, but lowered the acceleration and deceleration so the player will still be able to maneuver it through the game without the ball going too fast....but now when they hit a trap the ball shoots away! Thanks for the replies, they helped. :)

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