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  • Good Day,

    So my question is simple; is the 100 event limit (and the free limitations of C2) capable of creating a simple point and click quiz game? How many levels could I produce and to what degree of complexity can made modes be?

    I want to test out various alternatives to coding and Construct 2 is one, so I'm just looking to see where my money would be best placed.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Best to just try it out and see what you can do, its free!

    It really depends on the scope of what you want to make.

    If each question is the same, for example choices a, b, c with one right answer, you could have effectively an unlimited amount of questions or levels stored in an array or dictionary objects, given that one set of event logic is applicable to all your questions.

    If you have some more complicated puzzles, the amount of events needed may start going up...

  • also depends on your level of knowledge ...

    A pro can take a 10 events script and make it to a 1 event script , Try to compact your script and you'll get the max capacity out of the 100 events ...

  • Thanks alot guys

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