Event Groups vs "Is Group Active"

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  • Basically I'm working on duplicating an event sheet with a number of critical changes to adapt for a different platform (mobile), So I'm going to want a lot of the same event groups on the sheet for each.

    So here's my question;

    Is this:


    Different then this:


    In any way?

    Can I just do that to work around not being allowed to have groups of events named the same thing on different sheets?

  • I'm not sure I understand what you are asking for.

    Groups are groups. "System| Group "xxx" is active" is a condition to check if Group named "xxx" is active or not.

    If you don't have a Group called "xxx" then "System| Group "xxx" is active" will not even let you make this condition.

    Edit: And why do you want "a lot of the same event groups on the sheet for each" that have no sense.

  • I'm asking if those 2 sets of events will run differently during run-time.

    It is assumed that the groups have all been created somewhere -> on a different event sheet.

    I'm going to want a lot of the same event groups on my Computer and Mobile event sheets because both event sheets are using the same event structure, and just modifying critical information. Therefore both sheets will need a "Deal Answers" group etc.

  • It will run the same in the logic, meaning the game will behave the same.

    CPU speaking, the later way is a little more intensive, making as many comparison as there are groups active. Plus, you would still need to have groups called like this somewhere, even if they are empty, just to activate and deactivate them. So don't go with this.

    The second way is usually to be used when a group behaves differently if another group is active.

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  • Thanks for the reply, I'll keep this in mind.

    I don't expect slowdown in the game, even on mobile, but it is always good to keep performance in mind when coding.

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