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  • Sometimes I derp my way through manuals and miss handy stuff.

    Below are some really handy shortcut keys I wish I'd known about when I started working with C2.

    I'm posting them just in case anyone else missed them the first time around, as I did.


    In the event editor...

    R = Replace an object in the currently selected actions or conditions, with another object of your choice. The new object must be the same basic type, e.g. Sprite, and must have any necessary behaviors and private variables of the object it's replacing.

    Back & Next

    In the event editor, in a condition or action dialog...

    Alt + Left arrow = Back to previous page.

    Alt + Right arrow = Forward to next page. (Or "Done" when on last page.)

    When you are editing events, (e.g. adding an Action), often you click through several pages in sequence, choosing objects, picking actions, and entering parameters.

    At the bottom of each of these pages are "Back" and "Next" buttons. The above shortcut keys have the same effect as pressing these buttons, and can save time if you need to make similar changes to a bunch of actions or conditions.

    Hope this helps someone out.

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