How do I even make proper Animations?

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  • Thanks for the help I might not be bothered to do that though.

  • Murad96

    you have had a lot of help here,

    I used this thread to help me with my animations.. as I am new to game making too.

    I found the information from whiteclaws really useful and used the diagrams as reference. And read the information from others.

    I made a character and edited it in cropping and pasting arms/ legs etc and rotating them to get the right angle.. then animated it.

    although not perfect, still pleased with the outcome and of my efforts.. it took time and patience.

    I wish I had started this thread as the help is much appreciated.

    In addition there is a new class starting which could also be helpful to you..

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    Construct2 live class

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  • Yea this thread has been really helpful to be honest.

  • Murad96

    really glad that it has helped you. I don't know how you like to work things out. I like to gather information, and use bits to work out my own way. There is a new thread by frpnit, which also may be of help to you. He has given me a link to an old post on there aswell.

    I hope you find the best way that suits you.

  • Consider Anatomy Sprite Animator at

    It has prepared animated models so you can just set textures or you can create your own model using 2D bone animation.

    Also there are video tutorials at the website where you can learn how to draw textures, how to make a model and how to animate it.

    think it's great.

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