Error with uploading game to Scirra Arcade

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  • I'd like upload game to scirra arcade but i have this error "Zip contains file extensions not on the whitelist"

    I don't install any plugins and I add to my projest object "Scirra Arcade "

    What i'm doing wrong ?

  • 1. Please use a topic that that is more suitable

    2. Not all official plugins are supported on the Arcade, please check here if you use only plugins that are in these lists:

    Plugins: AJAX, Arr, Audio, Button, Browser, C2WebSocket, Dictionary, Facebook, Function, gamepad, Geolocation, googleplay, IAP, List, Keyboard, Mouse, NinePatch, NodeWebkit, Particles, progressbar, ScirraArcade, shadowlight, sliderbar, Sprite, Spritefont2, Text, TextBox, TiledBg, Tilemap, Touch, Twitter, UserMedia, video, WebStorage, win8, XML

    Behaviors: EightDir, Anchor, bound, Bullet, Car, custom, destroy, DragnDrop, Fade, Flash, jumpthru, LOS, NoSave, Pathfinding, Persist, Physics, Pin, Platform, Rotate, scrollto, shadowcaster, Sin, Solid, Timer, Turret, Wrap

  • Thank You for fast reply but I using good plugins and behaviors. Other ideas please ? (Sorry for my English language but Im from Poland)

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  • Difficult to say with the infos we have about your computer configuration and game

    I know from myself, that I have trouble with the Arcade on Google Chrome, but the page works well on Internet Explorer. You could try to use a different Browser.

    In order to help you much better, you could share your capx for us to have a look. Or a screenshot of your used objects (In C2 on the right hand side is a tree view with the folder "Object types". This could give us a hint what might be wrong.

  • I change my Browser and it's OK . Thank you very much Ubivis

  • I'm having same issue. I cannot get Scirra Arcade to accept one of my titles.

    "Your game appears to use plugins/behaviors not allowed!"

    I have gutted the game, removed all the plugins, deleted the output folder, etc. There very well may be a behavior of plugin left but clicking on each object one at a time and bouncing against the list is just a waste of time. How about listing the detected plugins and behaviors not allowed to better help us find them?

    I've got it up on Google, clay.IO and My Site but for the life of me I cannot get it uploaded to scirra!

    So anyone know of a faster way for me to detect NON-Scirra approved Plugins/Behaviors?

  • Ok i got IT. I had a rex_container instead of normal container.

  • Hi, I had the problem uploading, and tried deleting appmanifest from zip and using a different browser as I read in forum but didn't work.

    Problem was that I had to remove ejecta plugin. Hope this helps someone

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