404 error when uploading game to Kongregate? [SOLVED]

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  • Hi everyone!

    I've been trying to upload my game to Kongregate following the instructions in this tutorial. (export as kongregate, upload index.html as "game file", and upload a .zip of everything else as "additional files"). The files seem to upload without any problems, but when I preview the game, I get this error:

    Looking at Chrome's console, I see these errors:

    Anyone have an idea of what I could have gotten wrong? Or is it probably a problem with Kongregate's servers? Here are the game files in case you can see anything suspicious there (right click and "view image" to see the whole thing):

    Thanks in advance!

  • I uploaded a few games to Kongregate and never had this problem before.

    Are the files in your zip inside a folder named "preview" ? They shouldn't. All files must be at the root of the zip.

    It seems to me that there is something wrong with the zip. Try using Winrar for maximum compatibility, then zip all the files except index.html to gamedata.zip. Make sure the files are at the root of the zip.

    If you've done all this already then I think there is no problem on your end. Maybe their servers are currently under maintenance.

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  • Hey! Tried out what you told me. Apparently "preview" is something Kongregate adds. Nevertheless, it didn't work :/ It's kinda annoying too, I've uploaded another C2 game I made to Kongregate and it worked fine. Maybe it has to do something with size? (the other game I uploaded was way smaller)

    Thanks anyways! Will try contacting Kongregate support.

  • And it's working now! Dunno if it was Kongregate's servers, or if their support did something (they didn't answer), but the game appears to be working okay.

  • Yeah probably a problem with their servers. Could you post a link to your game, I'd love to check it out !

  • Here you go, I hope you enjoy it! http://www.kongregate.com/games/AlceX/d ... nd-reality

  • Very impressive, you should add more mechanics and gamepad support and publish it on steam, this is a high quality game.

  • Wow, glad you think so! I'm trying to see how the initial reception goes, if there's interest I'll make a fully fledged version.

  • Nice Art ^^

  • I've seen a lot of 2d platformers on steam, kong, and here on the arcade, I've made a few myself, I can tell you with my modest experience that your game has a lot of potential due to its mechanical design and its "fez/limbo-like" atmosphere.

    Your hand-drawn sprites remind me of the art-style of Braid.

    You seem to have been inspired by many indie platformer giants, that's awesome.

    The main mechanic is great. Maybe you could extend this concept further, for example, the player character could dream about and spawn more stuff: traps for enemies, giant snow balls that will roll and crush anything on its path, another NPC who will help you with something (summon a knight to fight for you, an archer to hit a distant target, ... etc).

    You could collect "dreams" and spawn them later when you need them, for example you could collect a trampoline and later place it to reach a distant platform, you could collect a turret to defend an area, adding a tower defense element to your game like in Half Life 2 Episode One.

    Don't let the feature creep get to you though, what you have is already enough to make a solid game. Good luck!

  • MadSpy Thanks!

    Zed2100 Lots of interesting ideas there! Will think about them.

  • I was having the same problem, so I went to the forums and found someone using unity having the same issue. Glad that's resolved. Also that's a pretty good game.

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