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  • I just exported my project to CocoonJS ,unminified, and installed launcher in my Android phone and iPod. I tried to test my game in mobile phone but screen shows nothing but a black screen with fps:62. Console says there's problem with "c2canvasdiv". In iPod, even black screen didn't show up. It just crush and closed.

    I'm using r127. Help me please :(

  • There are some known bugs in r127 (it's a beta release, problems are to be expected). Go back to r126 and it should work.

  • Thanks for quick reply.

    Hmm... I expect that, so I tried downgrade to r126, but I already saved my project so many times in r127 and they won't open in r126, showing error message.

    Actually, I didn't want to use beta version, but Arcade needs it so I installed.

    Ok then, how can I downgrade my files?

  • Rename the .capx file to .zip. Grab the .caproj and open in text editor. Where it says <saved-with-version> change the 127 to 126. Save, recompress the file and rename back to .capx. Re-open with v126 of C2.

    Had to do this last night for it to work on android again.

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  • Thanks, I tried it, but error message pops up,

    saying "Encountered an Improper Argument".

    Weird thing is, though I changed just 12700 to 12600,(just one letter is changed)

    file size is original : 2947kb, recompressed one:2956kb.

    What zip program do you use?

    I tried Windows7 default(right click and you know..).

    Edit:Finally it works. I made mistake in directory when recompressing.


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