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  • Hey there

    I�m working in a game and I can�t figure out how to export it to a html5 game type.

    I�ve tried different configurations but, it doesn�t mind what I do it always exports the game with an error and a black screen:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    You can check the uploaded project in, and as you can see with a developer tool, it returns a "preview is undefined" error.

    What have I missed?

    Thanks for all your help, and sorry foy my bad English.

  • Isn't it related to that bug ?

    If so, all should befine and fixed in the next release.

    In the meantime you can probably fallback to r95.

  • It looks a hell of a lot like you're trying to run the game from your own computer, and browsers don't allow that. That's why Scierra recommends putting your exported game in your dropbox public folder. That way you can run the game from an external server (dropbox's), which is the idea of a HTML5 game anyway.

    Was that it? :S

    edit: many typos.

  • Thanks for your quick responses, but I thinks it�s not related with any of your given solutions:

    Kyatric: I think is not related with that bug cuz I�m able to test the game in preview mode directly from Construct (I�ve tested it in Chrome, Firefox and Ie, and no problem with any of them). The problem comes when I use the exporting tool.

    Sargas: No man. I�ve tried uploading it to my Dropbox, and didn�t work. And now, it�s not on my computer (see the link in my first post), it�s uploaded in my website�s FTP.

    I�ts curious that, if I try to open the file in my local machine (before uploading the exported version) it returns the alert that tells it�s not going to work properly until I upload it somewhere, so that is correct.

    But after uploading it, I have no good response.

    Thanks for your tips anyway :)

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  • Looks like this bug - exporting with minify enabled is broken in r96. Problems are to be expected with beta releases - if you want to avoid bugs like this, stick to stable releases. Should be fixed in the next build anyway.

  • Dear Ashley

    I�ve read that bug before posting my problem, and allthough I think it can be related, I�m not sure it�s the same situation.

    Before posting my post, I tried exporting with the minified javascript option on, but it returns an alert telling me that I have not java installed (I�m on the office, I�ve it at home, of course), so I�ve done all the exportings wihout that option.

  • It is the same bug. I don't think those preview errors are anything got to do with C2. Try clearing your error console and reload the page. You get 'cr_createRuntime is not defined'.

    It happens with or without minify enabled. You can work around it by editing the html and changing cr_createRuntime to cr.createRuntime .

  • Oh, I was wrong, the bug happens whether you enable minify or not. So it was the same bug after all!

  • Oh men, yeah, seemt like it?s the same bug after all, allthought the ramones "cr_createRuntime" fix didn?t work for me, I?m not worried as it?s going to be fixed in future releases.

    Thanks for all your attentions and patience, and Ashley, great work with all you are doing here.

    Thanks :)

    UPDATE: ramones? fix did work for Firefox at least :D. Many thx.

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