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  • Good morning friends.

    I am doing a tutorial of our friend Kyatric, but wanted to use it as a test for porting to android using Cocoonjs.

    But doubts remained.

    1 - What kind of "Full screen" should I use?

    2 - In all cases, when the ship reaches the bottom, she was not pushed, as in the case of the PC version, using Bound To layout, how would this functionality to mobile?

    3 - How do I know which version of android that I use to run my game? In the emulator with 2.2 did not run, but in my galaxy note 4.0.1 rolled.

    4 - If I put touch control, the construct already has control analog touch?

    5 - IN case the fire button, it has to be pushing the button, I could not find an event to hold the fire button, keep shooting, a gust more spaced?

    6 - ludei there an environment for testing options for In-App purchases?

    When tested in adb, tbm gave error.

    Thank you for your attention

    The files are below:

    Construct File


    Error log test adb:

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  • Hello,

    I can only answer some questions but here you go:

    3.- CocoonJS supports Android 2.3 and above.

    6.- The CocoonJS Launcher App provides a mock service to try in app purchases. Check out the code for our IAP demo. Anyway, I think Scirra has no support for CocoonJS IAP extension yet. Once you tested the mock implementation, the cloud compiler adds the real thing so you can try in a sandbox environment.



  • Thanks for the answer, dear ludei

    I'm putting together a new game, after the prototype Graduation ( - I want to go back and porting to mobile), so I'll try to apply lincen?a 200mb.

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