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  • I have a pusher object which is a solid box sprite with bullet and solid behaviors. The player is just a single box sprite with platform behavior applied to it.

    The problem is that when the pusher object runs into the player, it causes the player to jump randomly in addition to being pushed which breaks the players ability to jump since they aren't on the floor half the time.

    Here is a very simple example capx to demonstrate what I mean:

    Random Jump Capx

    I tried removing solid behavior and manually handling the push through checking for collisions/overlapping but this breaks the ability for the player to jump on top of the bullet. I could go through the trouble of trying to create multiple invisible collision boxes for the sides of the object, but given that I have a lot of differently shaped bullets, this is really more heavyweight than I would like.

    Anyone have a simple solution for this?


    -- cacotigon

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